Drug and Alcohol Testing

In 2019, Alberta saw just under 1000 deaths due to alcohol and/or drug use. 75% of these deaths were male.  The highest group of users ranged in age from 25-39 years of age. (Alberta Opioid Response Surveillance Report, 2019).

Workplace Drug Testing Programs are preventative.  Along with a strong Fitness for Work Policy, organizations can improve the health and safety of their most important commodity, their people. 


  • fewer worksite incidents, injuries, and WCB claims
  • less absenteeism
  • fewer people problems


  • your safety
  • work attendance
  • productivity   

At Impact OHS Inc., we can help you set up a program that meets your needs.

Testing Availability 

We offer 24-hour on call testing services at our office, as well as on-call site service under contract at your worksite.

Drug Testing: Point of Care Test / Express Test / Lab Confirmation

  • 5-Panel, 6-Panel or 10-panel Quick Test are available for immediate results.
  • DOT and non-DOT collection of split sample urine are sent to the laboratory.
  • SAMHSA Approved Lab confirmation of any non-negative test results

Alcohol Screening Test

Alcohol screening tests are used to determine whether your employee is fit for work, and working within the parameters of your fit for work policy.

  • Breath Alcohol Technicians are trained in accordance with DOT regulations.
  • Evidentiary breath-testing devices for confirmation tests offer legally defensible results.
  • Health professionals manage confidential and sensitive information

All test results are verified by a qualified medical review officer and posted on our secure reporting site.

Comprehensive Follow-Up

If a positive test occurs, we are there to support you and your worker.  We will set up a referral to a Substance Abuse Professional, manage any resultant disability claim as well as your return to work and follow up testing requirements.